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Color Wheel

I’m taking an online class in color and composition taught by Katie Pasquini-Masopust.  Our first assignment was to make a piece using the 12 hues on the color wheel with 3 values of each on a neutral background.  Rather than … Continue reading

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Magic Box

Questions go in, answers come out…  You just have to believe…    

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rock art

A few recent arrangements… This double spiral has been in place for a week, much longer than I expected for something so obvious and accessible. The other arrangements blend into the natural environment.  Less likely to be disturbed, these have … Continue reading

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Creation – Destruction

Lately, I’ve been arranging rocks on the shore of the lake.  I think about the contrast between the permanence of the rocks themselves and the transitory nature of what I do with them.  I never know how long something I … Continue reading

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