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star sphere

From a pattern by Judy Walker:

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Celtic Stars

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openwork beaded kaleidocycle

Inspired by the work of Sarah Toussaint Perlissandre, this kaleidocycle is made of 40 triangles that form 10 tetrahedrons, resulting in five-pointed star patterns on the inside when it is turned.  

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beaded meditation

I couldn’t find a pattern for a beaded labyrinth, so I charted this one, and stitched it bead by bead.

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spiral star

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Designed with thoughts of the spiral nature of inner exploration, a shared journey over connected pathways, stepping inward with intention, releasing outward with new-found ease.  In the finished star, I notice lines that seem difficult to cross, but may eventually … Continue reading

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dodecahedron delight

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Christmas Star

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smaller star

Trying to get an interesting design in a smaller star

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swirled star

I’m designing some more intricate star patterns, planning on a series.

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beaded box

This is my first box from Julia Pretl’s book, Little Bead Boxes.  I chose different colors and modified the pattern for the sides, and I’m thrilled with the result.

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