Giveaway: The Inner Hero Creative Art Journal

UPDATE:  Congratulations Kathy, you are the winner of the drawing for a copy of The Inner Hero Creative Art Journal: Mixed Media Messages to Your Inner Critic.  Please use the contact form to send me your mailing address and I’ll get the book right out to you.


We all have an Inner Critic.  Mine can stop me in my tracks, making me believe I can’t do anything.  He’s a combination of all the negative voices heard throughout my life, with my own unrealistic expectations and perfectionist demands heaped on top.  Hard to ignore because bits of truth run through everything he says.  Problem is, that truth is wrapped in enough layers of lies and exaggeration to crush creativity.  We need to find a way to peel off those layers, take what is useful, and get on with our work.

Inner Hero Creative Art Journal by Quinn McDonald

Trainer, author, and creativity coach,  Quinn McDonald has addressed this in her new book, The Inner Hero Creative Art Journal: Mixed Media Messages to Your Inner Critic.  I was excited when Quinn invited me to be a contributor to this new book.  She asked me to explore an Inner Hero who would help me confront my Inner Critic and to create a 5″x7″ piece of art representing this.  No limits on design, medium, or technique, she wanted whatever I was inspired to create.  No jury or selection committee to make sure the work was good enough.  Just create the art, do the writing, and send it out in the world.  Of course my Inner Critic was awakened.  Who was I to think I could make something that would be good enough?  I usually start creating and let meaning evolve as I work, but I really needed an Inner Hero.

Quinn did a guided visualization for me where I went on an imaginary journey to meet The Alchemist, an Inner Hero who is all about transformation, taking what is and turning it into what is desired.  Acknowledging fear and turning it into courage, transforming anger into strength, uncertainty into confidence.  I asked her how these things are possible, and she gave me one word, QUESTION.  I’m sure many who know me are shaking their heads, skeptical about the whole idea of visualization, but it was a powerful technique for unleashing my imagination.  I did some deep writing immediately afterwards, and over the next several days, images and ideas from that imaginary journey came back to me and led to the design of The Alchemist card.

The Alchemist, ©2012 Diane Becka

This is just one technique, the path I took.  In the book, Quinn shares different writing and mixed-media art techniques that the reader can use to discover their own Inner Heroes and create their own set of cards.  Other contributors, all real people with real Inner Critics, share their process of creating art and doing deep writing about finding an Inner Hero. Reading their stories shows me I am not alone, and if others can do it, I can, too.

Quinn has provided a signed copy of the book for me to give away, if you would like to win, just leave a comment on this post by April 4.  I will choose one name by random drawing from all the entries, and announce the winner at the top of this post on April 5.

Good luck!

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11 Responses to Giveaway: The Inner Hero Creative Art Journal

  1. Controlling my inner clinic is a tough thing to do. Someday I hope to be able to do so.

  2. Elizabeth H says:

    This sounds awesome! Some days I have an out of control inner critic too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kathy says:

    I’m pulled in so many creative directions and don’t finish anything. Maybe this book would help.

  4. Jody says:

    I love the piece you created as a result of the visualization. i would love to win this book, the head full of critics are getting harder to control it seems.

  5. Roberta Patterson says:

    Thankyou for your courage to share your inner demon struggle. I can definitely relate.

  6. Annie says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this book. From your post it sounds like an awesome book to help people find their inner hero and move forward in their artistic growth.

  7. siren says:

    I love this! Alchemy is my word for the year this year.

  8. Lana Frazier says:

    My birthday is in April. What a nice gift this would be for me. How exciting!

  9. We are more creative sometimes if we listen to our creative side instead of our brain which might be saying no. Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. liz gillam says:

    Oh, my, Diane…the thought of awakening the “possibilities!”…and the confidence to try new ways with smaller/miniature quits. Thank you for the “possibility’ of winning this book!

  11. cheryl says:

    This looks like a good book thanks for the chance to win.