More Found Poetry

This is so addictive… I thought it would be fun to play with all the books at the library.  With so much to choose from, I was hoping to make this more about the photograph, using the colors and design of the spine as part of the feeling in the poem.  Unfortunately, I found that my library places their labels in the middle of the title on the spines.  So much for that!  I found one exception, the board books for small children didn’t have those labels and it was fun to play with the limited selection.

Surprise! Surprise!
All these things I’m feeling…
This is me, my friends!
I am who I am.

And one more from my own bookcase…

I thought it was just me
Finding water the tipping point
Waiting, Taking the Leap
Creating a life worth living
Let the great world spin

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One Response to More Found Poetry

  1. This is great! I’m going to do this very soon. Check out my recent post on found poetry, I love this concept. Thanks for the wonderful idea.
    Brooke Arthurs recently posted..Found Poems