my latest distraction

I’m finding it very hard to work lately… We lost two of our fur babies last month, just 12 days apart.  The first was my very favorite, and I felt like I’d never want another cat.  But after the second, the house seemed empty, and this little guy came along and stole my heart.  Ah, the healing powers of a kitten…

Orion next to a fiber art house by Diane Becka

Orion with his play house


Meanwhile, I’ve been wanting to make a memorial quilt, a portrait of Reggie, but so far have only started collecting photos to work from.  I started a portrait of my youngest (until Orion!) cat a couple years ago and just found it again.  It still needs to be quilted, just as soon as I decide how I want to do that.

Mira in Moonlight - an art quilt by Diane Becka

Mira in Moonlight



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One Response to my latest distraction

  1. Susan says:

    So wonderful that you have a new kitty!
    And that you will memorialize your dear ones who are gone…