working small

Tiny, really.  I have a collection of mint tins from Trader Joe’s that are just over 2″ square, lime green, with a clear window to showcase the contents.  I designed a bead embroidered box to hold six of these, but had no plan for what to put inside the individual tins.  Quinn McDonald’s Traveling Shrine inspired me to fill one with tiny fabric collages.

tin of collagesBy working on a paper foundation, I thought I could fit quite a few in a tin.  To get started, I made some rules to keep it simple.  I would only use fabric scraps that already had fusible web, and I’d limit myself to abstract designs.  Here are the first twelve:

collage grid

It was great fun to play with color and pattern, and just enough of a challenge to work in this size.

collage pileAnd there is still room for a few more in the tin!


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2 Responses to working small

  1. Kathleen says:

    These are so cute, I love small stuff!

  2. These are all so wonderful! I love that they fit and peek out of the window. And if you need more boxes (or want to fill boxes for others), I have information!